13.27 Carat Australian Merlin Diamond Fetches High Price

Posted by Steve Richards on Nov 22, 2017 10:46:18 AM
In September a 13.27 carat high-quality D colour white diamond was discovered at the Merlin Diamond Mine in the Northern Territory. Fetching a total sale price of US$157,880 (AUD$207,785.87). 

The diamond, which sold for US$11,897.51 per carat, had only minor imperfections.
Once polished, stones like this could receive the GIA grade of D flawless, which is the highest possible grade for a diamond.
This is an exciting time for the Merlin Diamond Mine because some of these white stones are also Type 2a, meaning they have little or no nitrogen atoms. These diamonds are only seen in 1-2% of all mined diamonds in the world. This is a good sign for future white diamond production in Australia and at Merlin.

Australian diamond mine produces high fetching loose diamonds

In a press release Merlin Diamonds said "These kind of stones are in very high demand in the diamond manufacturing and trading centres around the world" suggesting the Australian lose diamonds could fetch a much higher price. 
Merlin's mine is one of only two diamond mines in Australia, the other being the Argyle Mine in Western Australia, meaning that Australian diamonds are relatively rare. The Merlin Diamond Mine is famous for producing large, high clarity diamonds of high value.
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